Friday, June 25, 2010

June 22, 2010 - Red Sox at Rockies

The opener of what would turn out to be a thrilling 3-game set with the "rival" Red Sox (2007 World Series rematch and the battle over the color of the crowd). I shot the opener only and had a great time shooting the iconic players from Mass. 2-1 win for the Rockies against a sharp Jon Lester. Jhoulys Chacin made the Red Sox look like the Nationals as they failed repeatedly to get past first base or even on it. The entire series had a playoff atmosphere. And the Boston on-field reporter, Heidi Watney, is pretty special too. I learned from googling her that she was a past beauty queen of some kind and pictures of her in a bathing suit are available n the internet(s). Got a kick out of hanging in the photo bay with her.


Jesse said...

Heidi Watney is fun to look at.

Anonymous said...

You are telling me..... I enjoyed my time with her and a couple little shared moments.