Thursday, March 26, 2009

125R - On the way to the painters...

Rick at Standard Byke Co is awesome. He responded to an email I sent this morning asking for a quick snap of my frame on the assembly line and he passed this along. Talk about incredible customer service.
The notations are the custom specs I asked for. 21.5" top tube and 74 degree head angle.

Needless to say, I am pumped. I found black Profile cranks on ebay and Joe of Joe's Bike Shop is lacing up some Profile hubs for me. This bike is going to be TITS.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just FIX IT!! FIX IT!! FIX IT!!!!!

That was fun. The Fix hosted a St. Patrick's Day dirt jump jam, which immediately preceded, uh... was concurrent with, a screening of's new Video, Issue 7. Dangit they were supposed to wait till the riders showed up! Oh well at least we got to watch some trials riders and a crappy compilation of some crappy mountain bike video before watching New World Disorder 9, which was cool. The NWD series may be turning into the Warren Miller of mountain biking but there are some incredible riders doing incredible things. More importantly, before the whole thing started, a bunch of guys rode dirt jumps at the Fix for a while. I've posted a link to the photographic results below.

Contextualess image of Andy Halloway. Nice tie/shirt combo.


As a special bonus, there are even pictures of yours truly after the link, courtesy of the lovely Danielle who manned (?) the Nikon whilst I hit the jumps.

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Bike Coming

I ordered a new BMX bike today, and am ridiculously excited. Standard Byke Company, 125R. Custom specs: 21.5" top tube, 15.0" stays, 74 degree head angle, and built in seat post clamp. Gun Metal Grey or gloss black, it will be a surprise.

I won't see it for about 4-8 weeks (I think they'll come in on the short end of that estimate). But it got me thinking about my previous BMX bikes. This will be number 9 in the series of "real" bikes. I had a really crappy 20" as a kid, that one doesn't count. It had coaster brakes.

So, even if no one wants to read about it, I am going to chronicle the 8 previous bikes and new bike right here.

Here is the story of the chrome unkown brand 20" BMX left behind by my friend Marcus in the shady Tucson apartment.

So one day my friend Marcus and his family just dissappeared from our Tucson apartment building. What will always be a complete mystery to me is why he left is chrome BMX bike unlocked outside of his apartment the day he left. Maybe he meant for me to find it. The main problem with the bike (maybe a single-stay ELF?) was that the handelbars slipped forward. Tightened the stem, problem solved. I also learned how to repack the hubs, headset, and bottom bracket, and probably put some new tires on it. Later I would notice that the top and down tube were bent, and the frame was cracked under the head tube. Learned how to bunnyhop on that bike, and got decent at running from the law if I would have ever needed to.

Here is a picture of this bike (well the closest thing to a picture I could come up with):

Check back often. Next post will regard the blue Hutch and the Diamondback.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Grandpa's email today, March 6, 2009.

Hi Everyone.

I have a spring like day and really am enjoying it. Much too early to mow the lawn but just sitting on the patio is good enough. My trip to the hospital Wednesday wasn't very pleasant even though it was a simple procedure. My mouth is sore trying to blow air thru equipment to see how I was doing. I would have cheated but the nurse put a clamp on my nose so I had to breathe thru my mouth into the equipment . At one point the nurse had me breathing some kind of gas and it lacked oxygen I think. That wasn't fun. When you do these breathing exercizes for an hour it gets rather rough on the mouth and that's my problem today. I got a sore kisser. The result of it all I will find out when I see my Doc later this month but I do believe I got a passing grade.

And that's about all there is to tell from Henrietta. My best contact with Pennsylvania is a beautiful young lady living in Pine Grove Mills and that's about the only one I hear from. Thank you "Jennie".

Thursday, March 5, 2009

New pictures and a couple ideas

It's been a while since I did anything with this space, but I have some new pictures and some new ideas.

1) Pictures - I have pictures up on the following subjects at the following locations:

- Recent Sunset Dirt Jump Jams, Major League Baseball, and CU football

- NHL stuff from Avalanche games this season.

2) Social Media

Twitter ID - "dustinbradford" follow my random thoughts. I'll put a widget here soon...
Facebook - "Dustin Bradford." Looking forward to the new news feed "Facebook 1.5."
Myspace - "Happy Puppy" no recent updates because I forgot how to use myspace. But I still like the look of my page.

and maybe best of all

Google Reader. Do yourself a favor and get started using Google Reader. you need a google/gmail account. Then, start sharing. I'll look at anything anyone shares with me. And I'll share my favorite articles as well. Trust me this is cool.

Big shout out to Soggy Coaster for publishing a great blog on Durango beer. I did publish a guest review of a beer, but was in over my head somewhat as I am still learning the ropes when it comes to breaking down and rating beers.

Here is an interesting picture to go along with the purpose of this blog in the first place:

Thanks for reading and add this to your Google Reader to ensure you never miss an update.