Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Best Picture - November 4 Coyotes at Avalanche

Another home win for the Av's, who are tied for the NHL lead with 24 points. Backup goalie Peter Budaj was great in his 1st regular season start after Craig Anderson started the first 15 games. He stopped 28 shots and only allowed one power play goal to the also-hot Coyotes.

This picture is of Anderson giving Budaj what looks to be heartfelt congratulations during the traditional helmet-bumps with the winning goalie after the game.

Here's a tighter crop. The action was good too tonight, but this was a cool moment.

Interesting fact - the crowd of just over 11,000 was the smallest ever home draw for the Avalanche. History in the making. Ironic, the Av's are off to a record-setting start and the next record they break is lowest home game attendance. Go figure. I am sure Friday's game against the Blackhawks will draw a larger crowd.

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