Saturday, September 20, 2008

1st post - background

Several years ago I blogged. This was before the word existed. The entries were always based on photos I had taken, things my friends did, and things I was interested in. Today I am writing because I can't break into that old website (hosted on yahoo's Geocities - my username and password combo that I do remember don't seem to grant me access to the HTML of that site). I like the fact that the site remains up though. There are some pretty cool things on the site. I will eventually move some of it over here.

So my purpose for this new site is currently two-fold. One - I can't seem to get Google to find any of the images in my Photoshelter Archive. The Photoshelter Archive is a great tool, but if I can't get the search term "Denver Tour de Fat photos" to link to my album titled "Denver Tour De Fat Photos" then we have a problem. If by chance you are looking for photos of the event on September 13, please see my Photoshelter Archive page. You will find the photos there.

An Image from the Tour de Fat Gallery

Two - I have ideas. I plan to share some of these ideas here. They involve voting with your dollars, supporting local, sustainable economies, among other subjects. I am a photographer with interest in the current state of the profession of photography, the tools of the trade, and other photographers, particularly photojournalists.

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